Mercedes-Benz of Burlington is proud to offer the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System?


Why is LoJack's solution effective?  The LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is: 

  • Covertly installed, making it hard for thieves to detect and disable.
  • Directly integrated with federal, state and local law enforcement vehicles, so they can track a stolen vehicle once it is reported and processed as stolen. LoJack® System activation is contingent upon the vehicle being located within LoJack's coverage area that spans counties across 29 states throughout the US.  See lojack.com/coverage or call 1-800-4-LoJack.
  • Proven Effective; with a 90% recovery rate on cars, trucks and SUVs, it has a track record for helping to recover stolen vehicles that you can trust.

How the LoJack® System Works 

The LoJack® System helps law enforcement recover stolen vehicles; read our latest recovery stories on our Auto Theft Blog.

Despite today's advances in theft deterrents, auto theft continues to be an issue, as crime rings and sophisticated thieves are changing the face of auto theft in the US. According to the F.B.I.:

  • A vehicle is stolen every 45.1 seconds,
  • There were an estimated 699,594 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2013,
  • More than $4.1 billion was lost nationwide to motor vehicle thefts in 2013.

SOURCE: 2013 F.B.I. Uniform Crime Report

To purchase a LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, or for more information, talk with Mercedes-Benz of Burlington sales people in our showroom, or call our Mercedes-Benz of Burlington Sales Team (781) 358-8324.

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