Yet Another Reason to Buy a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

March 21st, 2019 by

Having been a Mercedes-Benz dealer serving Winchester, MA and nearby areas for years, we can tell you that motorists buy and lease premium Mercedes-Benz cars for a wide variety of reasons. Wanting to sit in the lap of luxury whenever they’re behind the wheel is one of them. The desire to make a statement wherever they go is one of the many other reasons drivers buy and lease Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

To further entice motorists to get a Mercedes-Benz car, the automaker we represent provides a benefit that you might not be able to get when you purchase a car from a competitor – complimentary roadside assistance. Of course, that benefit comes with the peace of mind that’s the result of knowing help is a phone call or the push of a button away if you need it.

All Mercedes-Benz automobiles that are still covered by a warranty backed by the Mercedes-Benz brand are eligible for free roadside assistance around the clock. If you purchased a Mercedes-Benz car from an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership before January 4, 2011, and you still own it, your automobile is eligible for complimentary roadside assistance.

If you’re in need of roadside assistance and your car is eligible for it, you can simply call the following number to get the help you need: 800-367-6372. If your car hasmbrace®, you can push the wrench button and an operator will transfer you to a representative who will arrange roadside assistance for you.

Drivers who are curious about whether their car is eligible for roadside assistance provided by the Mercedes-Benz brand are invited to visit our Mercedes-Benz dealership near Lowell, MA. We’ll be happy to figure out if you’re eligible for complimentary roadside assistance for you. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Burlington today.

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