Steps to Change a Tire Safely

May 2nd, 2019 by

We hope you know you can visit our Mercedes-Benz parts department whenever you need or want to buy a factory-made part or accessory for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Similarly, we hope you’ll head right over to our Burlington, MA Mercedes-Benz Tire Center if you need a new tire for your luxury automobile. While the experts in our Mercedes-Benz service center will be happy to install your new tire, you may have to replace one on your own if you end up with a flat tire.

Don’t let the thought of changing a tire intimidate you! Changing a tire isn’t all that hard. Here are the steps you should follow to change a tire safely:

  • Maneuver your car to a flat area that’s as far away from oncoming traffic as possible
  • Put your vehicle into park and put your parking brake on
  • Get your spare tire, jack, and tire iron out of your automobile
  • Put the jack in the appropriate position and pump it so that it’s supporting but not lifting your car
  • Loosen the lugs by turning them counterclockwise
  • Crank the jack more so that it lifts your vehicle off the ground
  • Remove the lugs all the way
  • Take the flat tire off your car
  • Put your spare tire on your automobile
  • Tighten the lugs by hand
  • Lower your car but allow your jack to continue to support your vehicle
  • Finish tightening the lugs
  • Lower your vehicle so that your jack is no longer supporting it at all
  • Stow your flat tire and return your tools to their proper positions

If your spare isn’t full-size, the tire will only have a limited lifespan and you can only travel up to a certain top speed using your spare. To have a new, full-size tire installed on your premium vehicle, bring your car into our Mercedes-Benz service center near Winchester, MA today.

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