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 Ospina Coffee is the world’s oldest family owned coffee company, established in 1835 by Don Mariano Ospina Rodríguez, Colombia’s coffee growing pioneer, and President of Colombia in 1857.

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Don Mariano Ospina Rodriguez was one of Colombia’s earliest and most profoundly influential coffee pioneers, with an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity. He began his quest in 1835, seeking the best lands for growing coffee within the lush mountains of the province of Antioquia. He established his first coffee plantation on the volcanic slopes of Fredonia, where he pursued coffee growing with a scientific approach. As a result of Don Mariano’s careful investigations and studies, Colombia began producing some of the best coffees in the world.

A political leader and statesman, Don Mariano was one of the founders of the Conservative Party of Colombia. He became a Senator in 1849 and was elected President of Colombia in 1857. After his presidency, he expanded his coffee enterprise to Guatemala in 1865, and in so doing became one of the first coffee growers in Central America.

With his vast knowledge and experience in the cultivation of coffee, he devoted himself to promoting and teaching the growing of coffee to the farmers and peasants of Colombia. In 1880 he published his first textbook about efficient and effective coffee growing techniques. The nation profited richly from Don Mariano’s efforts; his passion and labor facilitated the development of coffee into Colombia’s main export crop, forever transforming its’ economy. Colombia became the largest producer of prime Arabica coffee in the world.

Mariano Ospina Perez was elected the 43rd President of Colombia in 1946. During his administration, Colombia reached the highest level of coffee exports as a percentage of the GNP.
Mariano Ospina Hernandez, the eldest of the Ospinas’ fourth generation, has also been very involved in Colombia’s politics and the coffee industry. He holds master degrees in Business Administration (MIT), City Planning (Harvard) and Biology (Universidad Nacional de Bogota). In 1970, he was elected Senator and served for twelve years.
In 1979 he was appointed as Colombian Ambassador to West Germany, where he actively promoted Colombian coffee commerce and trade, and the conservation of South America’s natural resources.

Mariano Ospina, V, the eldest of the Ospinas’ fifth generation, is the founder, president and CEO of Ospina Coffee International Company. He left Colombia for the United States in 1980. Like his grandfather Mariano Ospina Perez and father Mariano Ospina Hernandez, he initially arrived to pursue a graduate degree in Business and Public Administration.
Although he was born in Bogota, Colombia, he was raised in Medellin, where his grandfather Mariano Ospina Perez had several of his coffee plantations. As he completed his formal college education, simultaneously he grew familiar with the coffee industry and family business.

His ancestors had long engaged primarily in the production and wholesale of coffee beans, Mariano Ospina, V, envisioned a move into the branding and global distribution of Ospina Coffee worldwide. Since he arrived in the United States, he began laying the groundwork for a new facet of the family’s coffee business.

Since 1980 Mariano had prepared the first business plan to develop this next step in the integration of the coffee business. But not until April 2003, after a concerted three-year organizational and startup process, was Ospina Coffee Company, Inc. incorporated in the state of North Carolina. After the first five years of successful operations of this new enterprise, Ospina Coffee is sold worldwide.

Ospina Coffee’s ultra-premium products are the cumulative achievement of the Ospina family’s long tradition, legacy, devotion and know-how in coffee cultivation and processing. We consistently produce, with special care and pride, the world’s finest coffee and the only “Premier Grand Cru” coffee.

Coffee connoisseurs around the world are impressed with its exquisite aroma, rich flavor, full body, perfect balance and delicious wine-like aftertaste. This superb coffee is virtually unknown to the market! The Global Luxury Robb Report has distinguished Ospina Coffee as “The Best of The Best.”

Our rare and unique Colombian Arabica Typica coffee beans are grown in the rich and volcanic slopes of the Colombian Andes, at elevations between 5,000 and 7,500 feet, under the shade of undisturbed rainforest and tropical forest. Our production is Fair Trade and our plantations are rigorously protective of bees and the environment, and especially friendly to bird and butterfly migration.

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