Professional Commercial Van Maintenance Near Boston, MA

December 7th, 2019 by

Here at our Mercedes-Benz service center at Mercedes-Benz of Burlington, we understand how important it is for small business owners to keep their commercial vans in top condition. After all, without a properly running vehicle, many business owners would not be able to conduct their business as usual. As part of our service center, we have a VANCARE Express, where our team of professional mechanics ensures that your commercial vehicle can get the basic maintenance that it needs.

Mercedes-Benz of Burlington is a pilot dealer for Mercedes-Benz VANCARE Express, a new program that provides general maintenance or more complicated repair services to Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. Our VANCARE Express service will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Appointments are encouraged but not required.

So what exactly does Mercedes-Benz VANCARE Express entail? For commercial vehicle drivers, it is a way to receive speedy, convenient service. Typically, our mechanics will spend 60 minutes on what we are calling Service A and 90 minutes for Service B. If you’re looking for VANCARE Express services, you can relax in our luxurious and well-equipped service lounge while your vehicle is being attended to.

Service A takes place during your first year of ownership and typically includes a synthetic motor oil replacement, oil filter replacement, air fluid level checks and corrections, tire inflation check and correction, brake component inspection, and a reset of the maintenance country. Service B occurs at two years of ownership and includes many of the above, plus cabin dust/combination filter replacement, brake component inspection, and brake fluid exchange.

To schedule an appointment with VANCARE Express, visit Mercedes-Benz of Burlington today.

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