Keep Your Cool All Summer Long

July 7th, 2019 by

Just because we’re a Burlington, MA Mercedes-Benz dealer, it doesn’t mean we’re immune to the extreme temperatures that sometimes accompany summer days. No matter what you do for a living, you can’t escape a basic fact—the temperature inside a parked vehicle will be even higher than the exterior temperature.

The temperature inside a parked automobile will exceed the exterior temperature due to the greenhouse effect. When the sun shines on a car, it warms the air within the vehicle. The automobile’s glass and body prevent the warmed air from escaping, trapping it inside. With the heat having nowhere to go, the interior of a car gets hot in terms of both temperature and touch.

To prevent getting into a parked car from being an unpleasant or painful experience, there are a few things you can do to keep things cool all summer long. The first thing you should do is bring your car into our Mercedes-Benz service center near Winchester, MA so our factory-trained technicians can make sure your A/C system works properly.

You should also buy a small solar powered fan. When you park your car, leave your windows cracked so that fresh air can force some of the hot air out of your automobile. Leave your solar powered fan on to expel even more hot air from your parked car.

Many people will tell you to drive with your windows down to cool off a previously parked automobile quickly, but there’s an even faster way to get the temperature inside your car to drop. Open the passenger side window and swing the door on the driver’s side back and forth a few times and you’ll soon enjoy sitting in a cooler vehicle.

For more information about keeping your cool throughout summer, contact Mercedes-Benz of Burlington now.

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